Welcome to the Career Connectors Wiki!

This wikispace, in conjuction with our Career Connectors Blog, is intended as the beginnings of an interactive Career Practitioner Resource for Career Development Teachers within the Sun West School Division. Through the sharing of resources, ideas, articles, tools, etc., useful to Career Practitioners, we hope to collaborate as professionals supporting those new to the area of Career Development, those with experience, and those somewhere in between. It is hoped that through a combination of our wiki, blog, and other sessions, we develop a culture of sharing and collaboration which will help us overcome challenges, strengthen our current support system, and work together to help our students develop solid life/career competencies.

2012 2013 team picture.JPG
Our 2012- 2013 Career Development Team Back Row: Natalie Chupik, Jill Long, Heidi Marchant, Evan Dobni, Denise Schneider, Shannon Stephenson Front Row: Kevin Gawletz, Char Dansereau, Amanda Bricker

This is a process of "Learning Together..."

"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do." ~ Benjamin Spock

We will embrace this statement as we progress with this collaborative process as we are all professionals and have something of value to share!

Primary Purpose:
Our purpose is to create an interactive career practitioner resource to support teachers new to the area of Career Development, to increase learnings of current career development teachers, to draw on experience from seasoned career development teachers, and to create a forum for ongoing communication and professional dialogue.

The focus will consider the need to achieve the following outcomes:
  • develop a common language for career development
  • establish, develop, and ensure consistent career development practices
  • improve knowledge of Blueprint for Life/Work Designs and other competency frameworks
  • improve access to key resources in support of career development
  • further develop our career development teacher network

As this develops, it is our hope this interactive resource will expand to include career development practitioners within the province (and possibly outside of the province) rather than only those within our own division.

The journey awaits!

(To begin, please use the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to begin your investigations into ideas and information pertinent to us as Career Development Teachers within our roles as Career Practioners/Counsellors. In some sections you will find invitations to engage in "Investigations", followed by an exploration of various ideas/readings, and the encouragement to follow-up with thoughtful "Reflections".).

Thanks to all of you for your shared thoughts thus far, here's to continued collaboration.


Dedicated effort has gone into identifying sources of information throughout this wiki. In the event of any question or concern as to the use of any ideas/material, etc., please contact us and we will make necessary corrections.

Yours in Education,

Sun West School Division - Career Development Consultant on behalf of CD Team.